The dog and the snake

Lisa and I stayed for 4 or 5 nights in Khao Sok, Thailand.  The place we stayed at was exactly what we (I) wanted as it was set into jungle and had a lot of wildlife wandering around.  This little dog befriended us on our first day there.


She was the friendliest little dog and hung around us whenever we were at the room.  On the first night she slept on the chair outside the room and would wake us up to warn us of any dangers that would come past.  This included other guests going to their rooms, cleaners in the morning and other dogs.

On the second night at about 4am she would not stop howling and barking. It went on so long I got up to see what was up and see her standing there barking at the shadows.  In my sleepy state I could just see a dark shape that was moving a bit.  Once I got the torch I saw that it was a 3-4ft Mangrove snake that had slithered over her in the night while she slept. Here are a couple of pictures of Mangrove snakes that we found in the Khao Sok rainforest at night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe snake was not in a hurry to leave but when I walked over to it, it eventually left.  Our room was right next to a pond with many frogs in it so I can see why it was around. The poor little dog would not stop shaking and for the rest of the time there would not go near that side of the patio or sleep outside our room at night. She still visited during the day but as soon as we went to bed off she went.

Mangrove snakes are one of the more common snakes in Khao Sok and in my opinion one of the coolest looking. They are a type of cat snake so rear fanged.  They don’t pose much threat to people as they are rear fanged. If you were stupid enough to grab one and let it chew on your fingers for a while then it could be quite dangerous but like any snake it will leave you alone if you leave it alone.

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