My first attempt at video

For over 14 years I have been into photography so for something a little different I decided to make a short video and edit it in Adobe Premier.  The learning curve was a little steep to begin with, it was a frustrating experience until I got the basics.  The thing I noticed about editing video is that editing the audio is the more challenging part so you will notice there is next to nothing done audio wise in this.  Enjoy and feel free to read on after the video for some more information.

When in Surat Thani, southern Thailand I realized that we would have about 48 hours of constant travel on a whole bunch of different vehicles in order to get back home to England for Christmas.  It reminded me a little of the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy.  I know that was thanksgiving in the film!  I called this Planes, Trains and Tuk Tuk’s.  For those interested we took the following transportation to get home for Christmas:

  1. Tuk Tuk to the train station in Surat Thani
  2. Overnight 2nd class AC sleeper train from Surat Thani to Bangkok
  3. Walking around Bangkok
  4. Tuk Tuk back to the train station to pickup bags
  5. Subway train to airport subway
  6. Airport subway to the Bangkok BKK airport
  7. Emirates A380-800 flight to Dubai
  8. Emirates A380-800 flight from Dubai to London Gatwick
  9. Mum and dads car back to their house

Emirates are one of the best airlines to fly on for Economy class, despite a long journey home it was not too bad at all.  Great selection of films as well.

Filmed entirely on a Sony RX100 Mk 3.