Valdez, Alaska – See you at Christmas!

We are off to South-East Asia tomorrow.  Here’s a few pictures from Valdez Alaska until I can post some more. Bye for now until Christmas, I am not bringing a laptop with me!

Bald Eagles in Valdez, Alaska
Stellers Sea Lions.  These are the largest of the Sea Lions and get to be over 10ft long.
Sea Otter.  The Sea Otters are not too shy of anything as the sharks and other predators leave them alone.  They are too much fur and not enough meat.  They are the only Mammal in Alaskan waters that keep warm with fur rather than blubber.
Stellers Sea Lions love salmon and are great at catching them.
Another Stellers with a salmon.
A Bald Eagle flew over at just the right time when I was photographing the Ravens above.  I had my long lens in my hands at the right time. Amazing.

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