Calgary, Alberta to Whitehorse, Yukon

First week on the road and we have made it to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.  The long daylight hours up here take some getting used to.  It doesn’t get fully dark at the moment and it still quite light out at midnight.  It confuses your brain into never wanting to go to sleep!

The Alaska highway is beautiful and in certain sections there are a lot of black bears.  After Laird hot springs there are lots of Bison to see.  A couple of males were fighting and we had to make a quick getaway in case they pushed each other into the van.  They are huge and would have wrecked it.

A few pictures from the first week:

First night on the road in Lake Louise
Edith Cavell, every time I have visited the weather has been like this. Beautiful anyway
Stag Elk, he was huge
Roadside black bear
Alaska Highway stopoff
Bison on roadside, Alaska Highway

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