Underwater in Panama

In April 2016 we went to Panama.  All of these pictures were taken in Bocas Del Toro while snorkeling.

PanamaUnderwater-28The Coral is absolutely incredible.  Some of the best I have seen.

PanamaUnderwater-22Amazing colours.

PanamaUnderwater-30They look like trees, it is an underwater landscape.

PanamaUnderwater-43There was a gnarly looking crab among the coral.

PanamaUnderwater-41So many starfish, though this was the only one I have seen with only 4 arms.


PanamaUnderwater-54Lots of sea cucumbers as well.

PanamaUnderwater-51Horribly wrinkly underwater hands.

PanamaUnderwater-38This was underneath a restaurant.  There was thousands and thousands of fish hiding under there.  It was called the Blue Coconut and you can have lunch and then snorkel around the reef and underneath the restaurant.  You have to go there by boat as it is not attached to the island.

PanamaUnderwater-40A Stingray hiding in the sand.

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