I would like to write about gear sometimes and I am new to the Olympus and Micro four thirds system.  I am not new to photography and it has been a hobby for about 13 years and digital for about 10 years.  Compared to my first camera (Konica Minolta 5D) things have come a long way and I am a firm believer that film has well and truly been surpassed in quality.

I started with Micro four thirds earlier in 2016 and have been learning the system since.  For the most part I like it but coming from a Sony A77 I find the Autofocus is inferiour with long lenses and moving subjects.  High ISO is about the same and neither camera is outstanding.

The lens and camera combination I was most interested in was:

Olympus EM1
Olympus 40-150mm f2.8
Olympus 1.4x teleconvertor

This is an incredibly small and light package for what gives you a 420mm f4, if it is sharp wide open.  I am pleased to find that it really is sharp wide open, impressively so.  I am fully aware of equivalence and from a depth of filed point of view this is not an f4.  However as mostly a wildlife photographer it still  gives me the light hitting the sensor of an f4 and for my purposes I mostly want more depth of field, not less since I usually shoot wide open.  This is because animals don’t sit still and are often in poor light.

This is a screenshot of a zoomed in picture I took in Panama with my Olympus EM1, 40-150mm f2.8 and 1.4x tele.  It is at f4 (wide open with the tele on) and iso 800, 1/1000 s. I am impressed.

Hummingbird-2This has been edited from the RAW file in Lightroom to my taste.

And the full picture:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also like the bokeh.

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