Denali National Park was in a way the goal of our trip.  The one place we wanted to get to.  It really lived up to expectations.  The mountain itself (further images of that to follow) is just as massive as you would imagine.  It has a huge prominence over the surrounding mountains and looks formidable.

As far as wildlife goes there are a lot of Grizzly bears to see.  We had a mother and cub Grizzly in our campground and ran into them on the way to the bus stop in the park.  They left us alone and we left them alone.  The bears aren’t so large as those on the coast which eat the salmon but are still big.  There are wild blueberry bushes everywhere and you are encouraged to eat as many as you would like.  We ate a lot and they tasted fantastic.  The wild cranberries were not so good but still edible.

Denali is strange in that there aren’t many hiking trails but instead you are encouraged to hike anywhere you like.  Since it is mostly tundra up there with no trees you can’t really get lost in the huge valley and really only need to keep your eyes open for a wandering bear or angry moose.  We did not see wolves unfortunately.  To get around the park you use buses as you cannot drive in most of the park.  It is setup very well and you can just jump on and off a bus wherever you choose.

Time is limited so here are a few pictures for now. The Bull moose was massive, the largest I have seen.

Grizzly bear in Denali National Park
Bull Moose in Denali National Park
Mountains in Denali NP
Our campsite in Teklanika campground, Denali National Park

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